They have a proven track record in delivering complex, state-of-the art passenger service solutions which is exactly what Cambridgeshire Guided Busway is looking for in our ticketing partnerimage:double quote

Chris Poultney, Project Manager, Cambridgeshire Guided Busway

Off-vehicle ticketing machines

RSLCityspace offers attractive and robust indoor or fully outdoor off-vehicle ticketing machines to support self-service ticketing programmes.

Modular design ensures they can be easily configured to support

  • Smart card
  • Chip and PIN
  • Cash payments

RSLCityspace ticketing terminals are capable of dispensing exact change and a variety of paper or electronic tickets.

Offering a ruggedised, full sized (15") touch-screen LCD TFT interface, RSLCityspace ticket vending machines enable complicated tickets and fares to be purchased easily and quickly while providing the option for users to access travel planning services.

Tried and tested in off-bus ticketing projects in the UK, they have also been selected by the largest railway operator in Europe to provide their self service ticketing platform at stations.

Off-vehicle ticketing machine and a Smart Panel on  the Kent Fastrack routehese ticketing terminals are to be used at Cambridgeshire's Guided Busway BRT scheme
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