Your proven track record in delivering complex, state-of-the art passenger service solutions which is exactly what Cambridgeshire Guided Busway is looking for in our ticketing partnerimage:double quote

Chris Poultney, Project Manager, Cambridgeshire Guided Busway

Design and development

RSLCityspace designs its scaleable hardware, software and services to meet changing needs and future opportunities.

We use Agile software engineering techniques to build software that is based upon industry standards. Agile development aims to combine the rigorous software engineering techniques needed to build working systems, with the flexibility needed to meet customer needs - especially in an environment of continuous business and technology change.

Our hardware is entirely modular, which makes maintenance and upgrades easier and less disruptive. We work collaboratively with component designers and technology companies so we can make use of the very best hardware and networking available. The anti-vandal measures we have developed over many years ensure our deployments are resilient to attack. External surfaces are easy to clean, components fast to change, physical and data security features advanced and our networks are designed to perform efficiently in the harshest environments.

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