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The content management and delivery system enables us to harness our existing data feeds to create live travel updates and synchronise departure information with public announcements where and when they are needed across the network. This control, flexibility and value-add to existing data investment makes RSLCityspace Vision the definitive solution to our content and delivery needsimage:double quote

Simon Rees-Jones, Assistant Engineer for Capital Schemes, City and County of Swansea

Features of RSLCityspace Vision

RSLCityspace Vision is an easy-to-use content scheduling and distribution package that enables you to provide essential information to the travelling public when and where they need it: at stops and stations, the park & ride, in shopping centres and other busy public spaces. With RSLCityspace Vision, you can:

  • Drag and drop content using an easy-to-use, intuitive interface
  • Use your existing RTI, UTMC, RSS and other dynamic data feeds and combine them with videos, images, web pages and text
  • Schedule your playlist by time, date and screen location
  • Instantly publish emergency messages to the whole network
  • Manage and control user access by screens, or defined areas within the screens
  • Collaborate on playlists across your organisation.

Benefits of RSLCityspace Vision

Enable informed traveller choices

By providing relevant, accurate and timely information such as arrivals and departures, disruptions, roadworks and car park info, RSLCityspace Vision gives travellers the chance to make the right transport choices.

Live bus departures delivered to the bus stop screens using RSLCityspace VisionTV-style graphics can be used to inform passengers of public transport disruptions and alterations
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Optimise your existing investment

RSLCityspace Vision supports and harnesses the multi-modal RTI, UTMC and other dynamic data feed formats to which you already subscribe. You can deliver a complete, targeted information package to both new and existing screens in your network - even to the screens of desktop PCs within your organisation.

Add your own content

The intuitive interface makes it easy to blend dynamic data feeds with news, emergency information and promotional messages to make a tailored playlist.

Norfolk County Council uses RSLCityspace Vision to promote it's Park & Ride schemeEmergency messages can be published immediately to all screens in the network
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Take complete control

Edit and schedule broadcast content from your own PC, including personalised, localised, regionalised and automated messages, providing complete control of the experience you provide to your passengers.

BBC News headlinesA 5-day weather forecast can be delivered to a client's screens using RSLCityspace Vision
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Deliver the right content in the right place at the right time

Schedule the broadcast of your playlist by time, date and screen location, and manage and control who is able to add and schedule content within your network, ensuring the optimum blend of information is always provided for passengers

Want to know more?

Download the RSLCityspace Vision brochure (PDF, 2Mb)

Alternatively, you can contact us for an informal discussion of your requirements.