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RSLCityspace Vision gives us the tools to deliver time-critical information to passengers where they need it most — en route. The capability to seamlessly broadcast real-time departures and broader traffic and travel information is key to stimulating modal shift and supporting our drive for sustainable transport services in Hedge Endimage:double quote

Tony Brown, Head of Traffic & Travel Information, Hampshire County Council

About RSLCityspace Vision

Putting you in control of the passenger experience

RSLCityspace Vision is a content scheduling and distribution package that provides essential information to the public when and where they need it: at stops and stations, the park & ride, in shopping centres and other busy public spaces. What's more, you can tailor the content for each location.

  • RSLCityspace Vision supports and harnesses your existing RTI, UTMC and other dynamic data feeds
  • It integrates this data with emergency information, disruption alerts, news and promotional messages
  • It delivers the complete information package to new and existing screens in your network, and gives you total control over what is delivered, from your own PC.
  • RSLCityspace Vision enables you to edit, schedule and broadcast content. Playlists can be personalised, regionalised and localised, enabling you to offer attractively presented, relevant and timely information.

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