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You have a proven track record in delivering complex, state-of-the art passenger service solutions which is exactly what Cambridgeshire Guided Busway is looking for in our ticketing partnerimage:double quote

Chris Poultney, Project Manager, Cambridgeshire Guided Busway

Ticketing and permit to travel

Touch-screen enabled payment terminals with Smart Card, mobile, Chip and PIN and cash payment technology can support self-service ticketing programmes to reduce queues and congestion at stations. Ticketing services can be integrated into existing RSLCityspace networks or deployed as stand-alone units.

All RSLCityspace ticketing schemes can be ITSO certified.

Our unique user interface design services allow client to develop a customised touch-screen interface best suited to their needs.

A wide range of tickets can be offered and presented in a simple manner for the user — from single and return tickets to many destinations through to a range of period passesAs each ticketing terminal 'knows' where it is fares which vary by location can be presented on a simple zone map
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Usually, a summary map of the route is enough for most users (and avoids cluttering the interface) but for users less familiar with the route a comprehensive stop finder can be providedIt's simple to add more tickets before paying
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